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Why Is Web Design So Important?


is website design important?

When you first start to look into redesigning your website, you might start questioning why web design is so important. How will it impact your audience, and how will it make your business look? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why good web design is so crucial in today’s online climate.

First Impressions Count For Everything

web design tips for first impressions

When you have potential customers actively finding and visiting your website, you’ll want them to get the best first impression of your business or organisation as possible. Humans are naturally judgemental, and it takes people browsing the web just a few seconds to decide whether they like the look of you and trust you before they either continue to look around or they leave.

In these first few seconds, you’ll need to have the most significant impact upon your visitors and a positive one at that. If your site looks drab, spammy and unappealing, your site visitors may click away and never return. Any investment in SEO will have been wasted because although they found your page, they won’t want to stick around. This means that you’ll lose those precious leads that stopped by and they’ll probably end up purchasing something from one of your competitors. It’s therefore essential to ensure that you give your site a new design to ensure your leads – from your SEO investments – remain on your site.

Good Web Design Positively Supports Your SEO

Your website design will directly influence how and where you publish new content such as blogs and sales pages on your website. This, in turn, affects how search engines spiders like Google, crawl your website. With this in mind, it is clear that a well structured, a well-designed website is essential in ensuring your online visibility. Websites lacking in good design features may struggle to gain online visibility, and even if they do, site visitors may have a tough time navigating around the site.

Apart from the way content is displayed on your website, other aspects of the design of your website may have a direct impact on your sites SEO itself. Website design can be hard to grasp if you don’t know how it works so, to put it clearly, the code also needs to be SEO-friendly.

The absolute best way to ensure proper web design practises (and subsequent success of the search engine) is to work with a web design firm who is aware of what they are doing.

How Does Web Design Help With Business Development

The Visitors Initial Impression Sets The Tone For Their Customer Service Experience

customer service experience

People can assess how you’re going to treat them by looking at your website. Your website architecture will provide them with feedback on how you see your audience. When you don’t put much effort into creating your website, the audience knows you’re not going to make many attempts to help them out.

When your website is vibrant, sleek and welcoming, it will make your audience feel more welcome on your website. You’ll give the impression that you’re open to new people visiting your site, and that you’ll welcome them. By comparison, an old and unattractive site makes the company look cold and aloof. People don’t want to try out a company that doesn’t make a good first impression on them enough.

Think of your website design as your company’s digital shop front. If anybody strolled into your physical location, wouldn’t you want to greet them with a friendly face and make them feel welcomed? An up to date, easy to navigate web design is the equivalent of greeting your new visitors with a smile when they stop by.

Good Website Design Builds Better Trust With Your Audience

build customer trust and loyalty

People do not trust websites which are poorly built. When they see your lousy design or the information looks outdated, they will not have faith in your platform. They can view your website as seedy or questionable as you have no updated or decent website.

Think of a person who wants to put a large purchase with a manufacturing business. They invest a considerable amount of money, which means they would find another company to fulfil their order if the design of your manufacturing website does not express confidence.

A good website, on the other hand, shows confidence with your prospective client. They will trust your company and will feel confident to pursue their purchase or enquiry. Building confidence with your audience is crucial so that they stay on your web. When tourists spend longer on your platform, you build more chances for your company to catch those leads.

If Your Competitors Have A Good Site, So Should You!

If you need justification as to why website design is valuable, here’s a significant one: If your competitors already use web design. You must use web design for your site to stay in direct competition with them.

If you would like to see your website stand out from the competition, but you have an aged, obsolete and low-quality webpage, you’ll be outranked by your competitor’s with relative ease. Their site will outperform your site.

Good Web Design Creates Consistency & Familiarity

good web design

You need to build up your brand while you are trying to get new leads for your company. You need your audience to familiarise themselves with your brand and so when they are ready to convert they choose you because they remembered you. Web designs online are critical because they help to create continuity across your website.

It’s a good idea to use the exactly same fonts, designs, colours and templates across your website on every page. This will make your site look professional but not if you have a different template on each separate page. This also makes creating brand identity more difficult, as your consumer won’t know which colours to associate with your brand. When your website isn’t good, people will move from your site to a more professional looking one. By establishing consistency within your brand, you will hold leads longer on your page and familiarise them with your company. If you update your site for this main item, you will receive more leads and conversions further down the road.

Essential WordPress Plugins To Help Your Online Business


This online form builder is easy to use with drag & drop features which help you to easily construct contact forms, email signup forms, online order forms, payment forms, Surveys, polling and, practically, all other electronic types with only a couple of clicks.

Monster Insights

This is one of the best WordPress plugins for Google Analytics. This helps you to link your website with Google Analytics “correctly,” so you can see precisely how people find your website and use it. The best part is that all the relevant stats that matter right inside your WordPress dashboard are displayed here.


Sucuri provides a WordPress security plugin, a firewall and web application which is possibly one of the best forms of protection you can get for your website. They track and defend your site against DDoS, ransomware, XSS attacks, brute force attacks and, essentially, every other form of attack. If you don’t have a firewall on your website then today you have to instal one.

SEM Rush

SEMRush is an all-in-one toolkit designed for digital marketers and business owners. Helping them boost their SEO, PPC, social media, and marketing & PR plan comes with powerful tools. This also lets you collect your rivals’ strategic intelligence so you can circumvent them and conquer the business.

If you need help with designing a new website or updating an old one and integrating the best plugins to your WordPress sites you’re struggling to get the hang of it then get in touch, our sister company offer professional web design services to small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the UK. Click here to get in touch.